• 1000 Editions
  • ABYstyle


    Abysse Corp designs, manufactures and distributes its own derivative products under official licenses !! ABYstyle.

  • Akimoff Collections

    Akimoff Collections

    Akimoff Collections produce high-quality prints on various media.

  • Aqua Della
  • Art To Print

    Art To Print

    Art To Print produce high-quality prints on various media.

  • Atelier Contemporain

    Atelier Contemporain

    Atelier Contemporain, the first Digigraphie-certified Art publisher since 2007. Editions in high quality numbered limited series.

  • Attakus


    Attakus is a company specialized in creating figurines and busts resin in the universe of film, comics and manga.

  • B Post
  • Balvi
  • Bandeciné


    Bandeciné produce high-quality prints on various media.

  • Beast Kingdom
  • Belgacom


    The Proximus Group (previously known as Belgacom Group) is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, headquartered in Brussels. Proximus Group is primarily state owned, with the Belgian state holding 53.3% + 1 share. Proximus Group offerings include fixed line and mobile communications through the Proximus brand and ICT services to the professional market under the Telindus brand.

  • Black & White Editions

    Black & White Editions

    Luxury comics editions made by Black & White Editions.

  • Bruno Graff

    Bruno Graff

    Bruno Graff Editions is a publisher of limited posters and prints, numbered, signed by comic artists and illustrators.

  • Bullyland


    Bullyland AG is a German based manufacturing company founded in 1973 and based in Spraitbach, known worldwide as a manufacturer of hand-painted collectors' models and figurines. Bullyland has offices in New York City and Hong Kong, its own production facilities in Germany and Eastern Europe and a worldwide distribution network.

  • Cartoon Kingdom

    Cartoon Kingdom

    Undisputed fans of animation and pop culture and collectors of statues and high-end derivative products, we have realized that the world of Para BD / Cartoon is not sufficiently exploited unlike what we can find in the Japanese animation. We want to pay homage on our scale to all the cartoons that made us dream as a child.

  • Casterman


    Casterman is a publisher of Franco-Belgian comics, specializing in comic books and children's literature. The company is based in Tournai, Belgium.

  • CC Editions

    CC Editions

    CC Editions is a publisher of limited posters and prints, numbered, signed by comic artists and illustrators.

  • Citel Games
  • Clairefontaine


    Clairefontaine is a French stationery company founded in 1858 in the town of Étival-Clairefontaine, part of the Exacompta Clairefontaine group. Clairefontaine is renowned primarily for their notebooks, paper, and stationery products using acid-free paper manufactured directly by the company in Europe, however is also involved in the manufacture of fine art, handicraft and luggage products.

  • Collectif
  • Comansi


    Growing while playing and learning through the innocent look of a child is our reason for being. Comansi. At Comansi, our slogan goes beyond our toys. We're a team of professionals who have fun while working, who get excited about every project and who are committed to the growth of our great family

  • Corner
  • cote-a-cas éditions ©

    cote-a-cas éditions ©

    Catalog and estimated value from the website cote-a-cas.

  • Dalix
  • Daniel Maghen

    Daniel Maghen

    Daniel Maghen is the name of a permanent art gallery located at 36 rue du Louvre in Paris (1st) and a publishing house publishing comic strips (Ter, On Mars, Les Voyages d'Ulysse ... ), biographies in pictures of authors of the 9th art (Cosey, Juillard, Lacombe, Tillieux, Tibet, Viscount and Will) and fantasy illustration works.

  • Dark Horse Comics

    Dark Horse Comics

    Dark Horse Comics is an American comic book and manga publisher. It was founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson in Milwaukie, Oregon, with the concept of establishing an ideal atmosphere for creative professionals.

  • DeAgostini
  • Démons & Merveilles
  • Edition Lucane
  • Edition Originale

    Edition Originale

    Edition Originale is born from the desire to offer a range of high-end creations.

  • Editions Moulinsart

    Editions Moulinsart

    Éditions Moulinsart is a Belgian publishing house entirely devoted to the world of Hergé, and therefore to Tintin: it depends directly on the Moulinsart company, which holds the commercial rights to Hergé's work.

  • Emaillerie Belge

    Emaillerie Belge

    Emaillerie Belge, founded in 1923, started with a main focus on enamelling household products and soon evolved towards the production of enamelled advertising.

  • Enesco
  • Equinoxe
  • EuroSouvenir
  • Fariboles


    The french company Fariboles produces three-dimensional heroes of your favorite comics. The company was founded in the suburbs of Rouen in 1993 by Pascal Rodier, a former bank executive who made the sculpture for fun. It is in this workshop of the city of Darnétal that are created each year more than 2.500 figurines premium resin. Whether the Effigy of Spirou, Tintin or the Smurfs, they are all the creations of Pascal Rodier. This Fariboles sculptor founded the company 20 years ago.

  • Figures et Vous

    Figures et Vous

    Figures & Vous is a company specializing in the creation, sculpture and distribution of figurines and statuettes in limited editions from the world of comics.

  • Funko


    Funko is a purveyor of pop culture and licensed-focused company located in Everett, WA. Funko currently holds hundreds of licenses and the rights to create tens of thousands of characters, more than any other company in the collectibles industry. Funko’s Pop! Vinyl is the number one stylized vinyl collectible on the market, selling millions of figures to collectors around the world.

  • Funky Frames

    Funky Frames

    Funky Frames decided to give back to children what belonged to them: a limitless art that is not shaped by adult conformism! The Funky Frames concept was born from a Sunday DIY with our kids. A desire to make them discover art while giving free rein to their imagination.

  • Golden Creek Studio

    Golden Creek Studio

    Publishing originals and fine art prints hand-watercoloured illustrations, limited edition prints, portfolios, luxury reprints of mythical comics books. 

  • Gomb-R Editions
  • Grupo Erik
  • Hachette


    Hachette was founded in 1826 by Louis Hachette as Brédif, a bookshop and publishing company. It became L. Hachette et Compagnie on 1 January 1846, Librairie Hachette in 1919, and Hachette SA in 1977. It was acquired by the Lagardère Group in 1981. In 1992 the publishing assets of Hachette SA were grouped into a subsidiary called Hachette Livre (French pronunciation: ​[a.ʃɛt liːvʁ]), the flagship imprint of Lagardère Publishing. Hachette has its headquarters in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

  • Hartensteler


    By creating handmade paper sculptures, you give a personal and emotional bond that will never be forgotten. Our cards are ideal for special occasions to surprise your loved one or someone you love

  • Hors Collection

    Hors Collection

    Hors Collection books talk about popular culture, society of yesterday and today through various themes: music, cinema, radio, TV, video games, comics, humor and contemporary history.

  • HTC Equipements
  • Infinite Statue

    Infinite Statue

    Merchandising and collection of items from the manufacturer Infinite Statue. Quality figurines, statues, busts, cars...

  • IXO Models®

    IXO Models®

    IXO’s 1:43 diecast replicas are amongst the best value for money in the diecast industry. The company is mainly known for its rally car replicas, from both the classic and modern eras

  • Jemini


    The plush and toy leader for children

  • Kiub


    At Kiub, we are convinced of one thing: small pleasures make big smiles !!

  • Könitz


    Könitz designs and manufactures its own mugss, products under official licenses! initiated by our fans and for our fans, the Könitz brand is a creator of clothes & textile items, decoration and everyday objects in the universes of manga, cinema, TV series, video games, comics and cartoons

  • Leblon-Delienne


    Leblon-Delienne is a French company that makes beautiful figures for collectors.

  • Les Editions du Grand Vingtième

    Les Editions du Grand Vingtième

    Les Editions du Grand Vingtième produce high-quality prints on various media.This young publishing house has entrusted us with the distribution of its cartoon books to comic specialists around the world.

  • Les étains de Virginie

    Les étains de Virginie

    Artisanal production of collectible key rings and figures in pewter.

  • Les Petits Sapristains
  • Like An Angel

    Like An Angel

    Like An Angel is a French handicraft manufacturer of collectibles derived from the comics.

  • Lladró
  • LMZ


  • Logoshirt


    Logoshirt® is a powerhouse co-operating with all the best themes from rock & roll, tv, movies, comics, sports and foods. Here are some of them: Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, Astérix, Lucky Luke, DC comics, Popeye, Sesame street, Peanuts, The Simpsons and many, many more.

  • LPR Editions

    LPR Editions

    LPR Editions specializes in the world of comics and focuses on offering exclusive and original products unpublished.

  • Maris Jothieu

    Maris Jothieu

    Creation, reproduction and sale of collection statues in the world of comics

  • Monnaie de Paris

    Monnaie de Paris

    Founded in 864, the Monnaie de Paris is the oldest of the French institutions and the oldest company in the world. It performs the public service mission of minting current euros for France and other foreign currencies. For twelve centuries, it has cultivated a high tradition in the arts related to metal. The first factory designed in Paris, it is now the last in operation and its art productions are still carried out in its historic factory at Quai de Conti. Attached to the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry since September 1796, the Monnaie de Paris became a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment (EPIC) in January 2007.

  • Monnaie Royale de Belgique

    Monnaie Royale de Belgique

    The Royal Mint of Belgium is responsible for the production of circulation coins, design and quality control.

  • Neamedia


    Neamedia specialize in the creation of extraordinary objects, such as figurines, sculptures, collector’s editions and much more and we collaborate with world leaders in video games and luxury products. 

  • Neumann
  • New Zealand Mint

    New Zealand Mint

    Enhance your collection with collectible New Zealand Mint Collectibles. If you love DC Comics & Star Wars you definetly came to the right place because New Zealand collectibles has you covered on all things collectors with of Batman, Luke Skywalker, Rey & others.

  • Oniri Creations

    Oniri Creations

    Oniri Créations is a French company designing and manufacturing collector's statues. All Oniri Créations products are hand-painted, manufactured under official licence and in limited numbered copies in order to meet a high level of demand, but also and most importantly to offer unique collector's items for fans around the world. This is why we surrounded ourselves with world-famous artists supporting us and ensuring top-quality productions. Oniri Créations has now gained the support of international publishers.

  • P & T Production
  • Petit Jour Paris

    Petit Jour Paris

    Petit Jour has been designing and distributing a wide range of children's accessories for over 40 years, including characters from literature.

  • Pixi


    The Pixi metal figurines are hand painted and created by Alexis Poliakoff. These small naive and colorful figurine have become objects of desire for collectors, known worldwide as Pixi. In 1982, Alexis Poliakoff invented Pixi, with help of Pierre Guénard, industrial and the young Philippe-Antoine Guénard, followed by the whole family. Pixi appear for the first time in January 1983 at the Paris Toy Fair. The first Pixi representing cartoon characters will come out in 1988 with the first collection of Tintin.

  • Plastoy


    Plastoy is a french toy company that specializes in collectible figurines based off of comic book characters:  Tintin, Asterix, Smurfs ...

  • Playmobil
  • Polymark
  • Premium Paper

    Premium Paper

    Premium Paper Design. We are a Chilean stationery created by Chilean designers.

  • Prisma Editions

    Prisma Editions

    Prisma Editions books talk about popular culture, society of yesterday and today through various themes: music, cinema, radio, TV, video games, comics, humor and contemporary history.

  • Pronéa
  • Puppy®


    All the products, whether smurfs or not, have been handpicked because of their quality and the educational value they carry.

  • Quantum Mechanix

    Quantum Mechanix

    Quantum Mechanix Inc. is a creative studio and developer of screen-accurate collectibles and digital apps and games inspired by popular movies and TV shows.

  • Ravensburger
  • Royal Dutch Mint

    Royal Dutch Mint

    The Dutch coins for daily use have been minted in Utrecht since 1567. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Mint in Utrecht was a state owned organization, 's Rijks Munt. In 1994 it was restructured and became the Nederlandse Munt N.V. with the Ministry of Finance as the sole shareholder. By Royal degree in 1999 the designation 'Royal' was added. Since the end of 2016 Groep Heylen is owner of the Royal Dutch Mint, transforming the Royal Dutch Mint from a state-held to a fully privatised entrprise.

  • Schleich


    Competence and Experience – these two elements have been the basis of our company since we started as a supplier to the plastic industry. Friedrich Schleich founded the company in 1935. The now famous Schleich figurines first came to life in the 1950s. At that time we started to concentrate on the development, production and marketing of comic figurines. And they are still popular and well known: The Smurfs, Snoopy, and many many more.

  • SD Toys

    SD Toys

    SD Toys designs and manufactures its own games and toys, products under official licenses! initiated by our fans and for our fans, the SD Toys brand is a creator of clothes & textile items, decoration and everyday objects in the universes of manga, cinema, TV series, video games, comics and cartoons.

  • Semic
  • Sideshow Collectibles

    Sideshow Collectibles

    Sideshow Collectibles is a specialty manufacturer of movie, film, television and proprietary collectible figures, statues and high end pieces.

  • Supacraft


    Merchandising and collection of figurines and busts from the Supacraft® manufacturer

  • Super7
  • TAP


  • The Good Gift

    The Good Gift

    A generator of gift ideas. For children, adults, big children... well, basically everyone !!

  • The Noble Collection

    The Noble Collection

    The Noble Collection is the official licensed creator of movie merchandise, specializing in finely crafted treasures, movie props and collectibles.

  • Three Zero

    Three Zero

    Three Zero is a Japanese manufacturer specialized in robotic figures.

  • Tintinimaginatio


    Tintinimaginatio (a.k.a. Moulinsart) is the company which has been set up to protect and promote the work of Hergé. The body of art that Hergé created is of such importance and universal significance that it gives the impression of belonging to the public domain. This is not the case: national and international copyright laws govern the rights to Hergé’s work. Moulinsart ensures that the laws relating to Hergé and his work are respected.

  • Toubédé Editions

    Toubédé Editions

    Toubédé Editions offers to reconstruct various scenes of Franquin's work with exclusive collectibles dioramas.

  • Tropico Diffusion
  • United Labels

    United Labels

    United Labels AG is one of Europe’s leading specialists for comicware sold under licence. Our partners include global players from the world of media and entertainment, such as Disney and 20th Century Fox.

  • XYZ


    Various items from unknown manufacturers.

  • Zephyrum Ediciones
  • ZigZag Editions

    ZigZag Editions

    ZigZag Editions designs and manufactures its own games and toys, products under official licenses! initiated by our fans and for our fans, the Zag Toys brand is a creator of clothes & textile items, decoration and everyday objects in the universes of manga, cinema, TV series, video games, comics and cartoons.